Hands-On: FSx Storage Gateway with DNS Query Policies

In this blog post, I take the new AWS FSx Storage Gateway for a test spin together with a set of Active Directory DNS Geo-Location policies for a seamless namespace for clients that attach to the gateway. Meaning I only want to tell my clients to attach to a single name (i.e. fsx1.spikebiz.com) no matter … Read more

Hands On: Python, Lambda, Layers & Rain

Python, Lambda, Layers & Rain Even though I’ve spent years architecting infrastructure, there are times I do miss software development. Not to date myself too much, but yes it was mostly in FORTRAN on a DEC/VAX, IBM/3270 Assembler code with a smattering of VB.Net and C++ later down the road. In case your wondering, yes, … Read more

Hands On: Down the WORM Hole

I was recently given a problem set that involved the long term storage of Microsoft SQL backup files on AWS that should be stored using a “Write Once Read Many” (WORM) type of scenario.   Backup Requirements: The backup storage requirements were given as these: Backups should be retained and immutable for a total of 5 … Read more

Hands On: CloudEndure SSO with Azure AD

Setting up single sign-on (SSO) can be a confusing task. I’ve done it many times over the years with a number of SaaS providers and each one seems to be just a little bit different. In a previous post (Hands On: CloudEndure SharePoint Migration) I went through the basics of the CloudEndure console using just … Read more