Hands-On: FSx Storage Gateway with DNS Query Policies

In this blog post, I take the new AWS FSx Storage Gateway for a test spin together with a set of Active Directory DNS Geo-Location policies for a seamless namespace for clients that attach to the gateway. Meaning I only want to tell my clients to attach to a single name (i.e. fsx1.spikebiz.com) no matter … Read more

Hands On: Down the WORM Hole

I was recently given a problem set that involved the long term storage of Microsoft SQL backup files on AWS that should be stored using a “Write Once Read Many” (WORM) type of scenario.   Backup Requirements: The backup storage requirements were given as these: Backups should be retained and immutable for a total of 5 … Read more

Load Balancing Azure MFA with new AWS ELB UDP Support

AWS just announced support for UDP in their Network Load Balancer.https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/new-udp-load-balancing-for-network-load-balancer/ We can take advantage of this right away to make our Microsoft NPS servers with the Azure MFA extension (MFA in the cloud) highly available within our AWS environment. If you are already invested in Office 365, it makes sense to take advantage of … Read more

Disaster Indifference with AWS and Microsoft DirectAccess MultiSite

In this blog post, I will show you how to create a highly-available and disaster indifferent remote access architecture using Microsoft DirectAccess on AWS. Everything fails all the time – Dr. Werner Vogel While we can’t control when things will fail, we certainly can develop architectures that are resilient enough to handle those failures. Stephen … Read more